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Car Wrecks

Careless drivers cause wrecks that severely and, sometimes, permanently injure innocent people every day.  If you are a victim of a car wreck and do not have an experienced lawyer, the insurance company immediately has an advantage that can permanently harm your case and prevent you from being able to recover money for what you are going through due to no fault of your own.

You should always consult with a competent and experienced attorney like Todd Clement and Ragan Speer before speaking with the insurance company and ask important questions such as:

  • Should I talk to the other driver’s insurance company?
  • How much should I receive for my totaled vehicle?
  • Do I have the right to a rental car?
  • How can I get repaid for my past and future medical bills?
  • Why does my health insurance company keep sending me letters asking me to fill out a questionnaire and what do they mean by subrogation?
  • What are my rights if I cannot work for a while or for a lifetime?
  • What rights do I have to be paid for my pain and worry?
  • What if I am not able to do the physical activities and work I did before the wreck?
  • Is my spouse entitled to recover for their loss if I am seriously injured?
  • What happens if the other driver is uninsured?
  • What is Personal Injury Protection (PIP) that my insurance company keeps talking about and should I apply for it?
  • What if the other driver was drunk or received a DWI?